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Soft Touch Says

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Soft Touch Says - Adjusting to the new playing environments.

The last few times I have played craps in Vegas, it has become clear to me that the playing environment has changed. The tourists, the casino, the players at the tables are different, even the food is different.

The global gambling landscape is changing as the economic environment changes. With these changes, so to should our playing approaches change the way we do things at the craps tables. As players, we plan to win more than we lose. Our ability to be flexible and adapt during these difficult times will be critical to our success.

I always play with an open mind to new ideas. Having a positive mental attitude during play is now more important than ever. I often find players clinging to that which is familiar; assuming that what they are doing at the tables will eventually produce their desired result. And they hope this will happen before their bankroll is depleted.

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to play craps alongside some of my dice students from years past. Back then I remember helping them re-evaluate some of their "spray and pray" betting strategies. We had discussed a couple of ways to help them play more efficiently and to win more frequently with less money at risk. The overall goal being risk less, earn more.

During my recent play with them, I was a bit surprised to see that these same students had reverted back to their original losing ways. Shooting the way they shot before our discussions and betting large sums in the same past manner. It was a bit disappointing for me. They went through their whole session bankroll and just shrugged it off to bad luck.

As my mama used to say; "Bad luck, my foot!"

We all know other players who are stuck doing the same things each and every time they are at the table while continuing to expect different results. They are closed off to any other possible approach. These players simply hang on to what they know, refusing to make room for other ideas and/or betting approaches, and yet they still complain about not winning more often.

Perhaps they are too blind to see the game in a different light and resist any change. Losing feels more familiar and therefore they feel comfortable, it is what they expected. And, just because these players had a comprehensive understanding of an expensive betting system they had known before meeting up with me, they seemed to forget that there is no single system or dice set that is always right for all playing occasions. Playing conditions change from day to day, month to month and even hour to hour.

In my view, when a player resists change, they resist opportunities. The discomfort felt around having to change, like fear of the unknown, can literally limit the player from seeing other playing options.

A mentor from long ago used to say to me; "The more you resist, the more it persists."

If the casinos resisted change, they would not be in business. Follow the casino's lead - be open to changes in playing conditions and adjust your play accordingly.

The key to your success is to learn how to swim with the tide. In this volatile playing environment your goal should be to win rapidly, and when possible get to the point where you are betting with your profits.

If your efforts at the table do not prove to be profitable in 15 to 20 minutes of play, then you have to switch gears. Sometimes that means you will have to stop playing and re-evaluate the current conditions.

Remember, the willingness to be flexible and adapt at the craps table in the present moment will always pay valuable dividends in the long run.

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