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The Following responses are from Dice Setter Newsletter subscribers representing that they feel something is wrong with casino dice. They have been selected from

our February Survey. Dice Setter wants to know...


"Have you played craps in a casino and felt that the dice used in the game were altered or otherwise not fair dice? Do you think casinos cheat at the dice table?"

Suspicious of Altered Dice


I worked in a Casino for a short period of time(6 months) and had the responsibility to get rid of old dice. I have seen some that were NOT even square in shape.


Yes I have wondered.  On one particular trip it seemed like every seven I rolled was a 6/1.  Not sure how they could load them but I sure wondered.


I don't ever believe in fair casino dice. They have to make their profit and it will always come at our expense. They stop your long rolls with all sorts of tactics and they force you to hit the pyramids so that randomization can always occur.


ED, I play Craps about 40 + weekends out of the year. BIAS dice are everywhere. We are finding them on the higher $$$$$$$ tables and reserved more often, easy picking. BIAS dice do not throw 7"s every time but cuts the % of long rolls down. Were we have been playing the most, we have found the good Dice on the $5 tables and the BIAS on $10 & $25 table were the bigger $$ are. It is hard to get on this $5 table it is always crowded and the people are almost always cheering and having a good time. There is never any big winners because most of the do not know how to bet or are just having a good time. About a month ago me and two friends got on this table and we all had very good rolls and very good $$$$. Guess what happen after it went around the table one time with all of us making good $$$$$$$, a new set of dice comes in 3 hour before they were to change them, Out of six table we were the only table that got new dice. Now guess what happens, after the new dice came in they went around the table one time, no one could make a point, they were trying to get that money back but we figured that is what was going to happen so we scaled down to very low bets. After one time around the table we cashed in big $$$$$ and left. You could set the dice with one with a 4 on top and the other with a 6 on top and slide them together and you can fell a ridge. Also I have been tracking every table I play at for about 10 years now and the seven's have got out of balance, what I am trying to say is there will be more 6-1 on a table or more 5-2  every seldom do you see more 3-4's on a table. We have found set that help us with these bad dice when we shot to help some. They guys at JPE have put in a lot of research on this problem and have a lot more info on it. I know other sites says it not true, but you know they write in some big Casino mags.


Well for one thing we would have no way to know. I play 2 times a week and have some good rolls, but not consistently. and I practice throwing daily, what I can say is that having played the game for 30 years. I have far fewer really good nights than I used to and that is with anyone throwing not just me, so there does appear to be a difference I just don't know what it is.


At Resorts in Tunica, I did well in the afternoon with the red dice. Later in the evening, the dice were changed. The new dice were blue, and none of my precision type tosses worked as they had in the afternoon. Since the only change was the color of the dice, I would suspect altered dice.

Great Topic ! I would be surprised to find an experienced craps player who HASN'T had doubts about dice integrity. I'm limited to one Indian casino 45 mins from home in Northern NY. Not just one casino, BUT JUST ONE CRAPS TABLE ! For more variety, it's a 3 hour drive ! So I have a kind of intimacy with this table. A year ago, as I was waiting in the cashier's line, another craps player was also cashing out. He told me he lived a mile away, and stopped to play craps several times a week; said THAT table was the coldest thing he's ever played on; that it was only his betting discipline that kept him in the game week in and week out. We also both agreed that the dice could have something to do with the perception that too many inopportune seven's seemed to be the only consistency to this table. Just not a proper number of shooters getting the 7-10 rolls category. But that lead me to think that playing the dark side should be successful more often than not. Still working on that.


I have often wondered about altered dice when at Foxwoods Casino. It seems when I go there, the hours of practice I undertake getting the sets that work right for me just don't seem to work there.  It is frustrating and annoying that all my hours and hours of practice just go right down the toilet - along with my money.


Some time I believe that the dice are altered seeing long periods of point 7 rolls


I gamble quite a bit: probably 2 times a week and sometime 3 times.  I spend most of my time playing craps at 3 different places in the State of Washington.  At times the way the dice turn, you become suspicious.  The last turn should stop but it makes one turn and it is a 7.  Some nights, all night the dice will be in favor of the casino with the weird rolls, defying the odds.  I am not saying that this happens all the time, but when it does, you start wondering.  Is it cheating, I hope not!


yes--too many sevens


YES! I go to the Clear Creek Casino in Poulsbo WA. were almost every time the stick man will show the dice to the pit boss and turn the dice to SEVEN then turn them back to whatever the thrower had. then the shooter throws a seven and the table is cleared....this is only done on a hot steak and the table is starting to fill up with new money and there is lots of commotion.


Many times.  But who doesn't feel that way?  The times I feel it the most are when one die just happens to turn at the last moment making a 7 out. I need help with my rolling. I have had tremendous success followed by similar failures. 


I most certainly do think some casinos at some point use loaded or altered dice or tables. Because the odds of sevening out so many times after a point is made is improbable yet it happens at some tables. Only the casinos can inspect the dice  and suspect us of cheating when no one can check their dice. The gambling commission should use undercover agents to inspect the tables


At times I think there is something wrong with the dice. The last time I played, it seemed like 95% of the players couldn't get past 3 or 4 rolls when the 7 came up. The other 5% made at least one point after come out and that was it. I don't have the nerve to ask the dealers if the dice are loaded.  I'm don't know if the commissioners (state) check the dice or the mfg co. I would like to know the answer to this. The casino doesn't have to cheat anyone because they have all the odds in their favor. This is what I was told about the dice, they are used once every shift and discarded.


I played several times at El Cortez in down town Las Vegas and did notice that there were an unusually high occurrence of 6-1 7s.  The majority of the 7s that did roll were of the 6-1 combo.  This occurred mainly on Fridays thru Sundays.  This casino uses dice with the 6-1 shave.


I played three times last year and lost terribly in Vegas and Atlantic City. I was playing conservatively both times just never saw any one get a good roll. I was in Vegas for 4 days (TI, Caesars, Venetian) and Atlantic City (Showboat, Trumps) just for one. Both times I felt that something was wrong but couldn't put my finger on it.
I went to Charleston, WV and had a more normal experience. Going back to Vegas in March so I will see how it goes this time.


There have been times when I questioned the dice. Not often, but I've played long enough to know when something don't smell right!


I am not a crap shooter. However, I have a devout shooter and tracker who insists the "Bud Jones" dice are 1/6 dice. The gaming commission in NV. has been contacted about this and a possible lawsuit may be pending.


In the past year my husband and I noticed we consistently lose our casino sessions.  I keep record of the outcome of each session.  We never left casinos with our money for over sixteen months.  We play only at $5.00 table with $500 buy in.  Single unit on line with single odds.  Two come bets with single odds.  One of us will play line and 6 & 8.  So we use very conservative betting strategy but during two to three hours session, it gradually sucks our chips away and it doesn't pay off any more!   We used to win $300 to $500 a night 10 to 15 years ago, not anymore.  They changed the table top as well.  I noticed the most sevens are " 1 & 6 " not 2&5 or 3&4.  They favors 1 and 6. It also happens here in Canada as well.  We've been playing here for the past eight years or so, going up and down but always ahead of the game.  But, it has changed about a year ago.  We stop winning period.  We were in Vegas in November during the Thanksgiving Day week.  We were never able to dig ourselves out of the hole.  We are positive their dice are biased and we didn't  have a chance, even the dark side players loses on come out rolls.  We've lost our passion with craps game.  I don't think we will ever go back to Vegas again.  It really is a shame because we love craps passionately.  Until I find a method to beat their dice, you won't see us in casinos anymore.


You can buy a loaded dices on Internet why casinos wouldn't use that advantage? Greed is the leading factor in casinos management. Most of the time after casino lose some money on crap table next day are different dices on table and there is a guarantee that tables will be choppy. Even if you are an excellent controlled shooter the dices turn against you. They now put magnets in balls and electric induction in the metal pockets on roulette wheels and the guy with the eye push a button to produce weak electric conduction leading ball into "empty"  pocket or at least around it. Happens all the time. The same story at BJ with the electronic chips shuffling machines. Plus they exchange the high cards with low cards that dealer cannot bust. Dealer should in average bust 28 times in 100 hands. I already counted 48 hands no dealer bust!  Don't believe that casinos are controlled by 3rd party agencies! Because the casinos feed the government politicians with money nobody can make anything against absolute political power. The casino games are now more games of luck than of skill. Don't even mention the scam online casinos!


It is a possibility. I don�t really know.


Interesting question? Sometimes it seems they are.  Have you encountered this?

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Hi Everyone; Keep up the good work.

I have been suspicious of our local Casino Rama -Ontario Canada for some time now. Both me and my sidekick have been successful precision shooters for awhile now. We both experience no consistent control over the tables for about 4 months now. We both have moved on to another casino. Our shooting on our practice rigs is good! The $25. table inside is much better, but we won't play outside our playing management. The problem we feel is not the dice, but the two main tables in the casino themselves. They changed the cloth about four months ago and they are much more than random percent now. The first effect was the dice bounced off the table consistently Now the dice do not behave, even though the carpet has become more worn and not so bouncy We would use consistent good money management, and still lose every session. We thought we figured it out. They change the dice twice a day and we see new dice coming out of the new packages. I suppose it is possible to be the dice. How would you know for sure! I would be interested to see how your survey fares.


Yes defenently in Washington state. It became an Ego thing at a tribal casino. I had to play there or not at all, and was very good at small consistent wins. I reported it to the Gaming commission that was a mistake also. here in the Philippines I have only played once. and was denied by the stick man of a win on a come bet 10 with single odds.

am convinced that some casinos use �unfair� dice. My craps partner and I have observed many, many tables, both in Indiana and Las Vegas, where a 6-1 was the combination for a seven-out for ALL the shooters for well over an hour.


I personally observed a 40 minute session (about 15 shooters) at a Las Vegas Station casino where EVERY roll thrown had either a 1 or a 6 in it.  I had noticed the preponderance of 1-6 �seven-outs�, so I quit playing and watched for the next 40 minutes, jotting down every combo.


These tables also have an amount of 2s and 12s that are FAR in excess of what you would expect to see. Since a heavy-7 set also kills don�t betters on the come out, the only way to try to succeed with these is either laying against the point, or playing minimal don�t pass and then laying MAX odds, minimizing the damage from the come out sevens.


On other occasions, we have observed the 5-2 exclusively, where, statistically, you would expect to see a fairly equal mix of 1-6, 3-4 and 5-2s.  Very rarely have we seen a preponderance of 3-4s.


absolutely believe that on occasion casinos use unfair dice. I play in Biloxi, Ms., and after noticing the abnormal occurrence of 6/1 and of a 6 or a 1 in almost every toss, I began researching the  law and found no regulation of dice in Mississippi or Nevada.  Others have  described the same results as "6/1 flats". The 6/1 sides of those dice are slightly longer than the other  sides and when setting I could  feel them "out of Square". Needless to say I was also "out of There" and did not play that casino for over a year. I have been back playing there for a year now and have not seen the same problem. It is possible that the dice are the result of poor quality control in Mexico or India but I am positive that dice not perfectly square are played routinely and do negatively impact the random aspect of the game. As a result I now carry the phone  number of the  Gaming Commission in my wallet and am prepared to file a complaint if and when the "6/1 flats" show up again.


yes, I feel that some casino use biased dice.  I played at the Ritz Carlton in san Juan, PR and went point seven out 11 times. The dice reacted as in that movie Ocean's 13.
The dice really dice just flip over to the losing 7.


Yep.  Definitely. I was in Vegas before Christmas, charting a table and the players were hitting a 6-1 seven, getting a point and then 6-1 out. Not just most players.  ALL players.  Never saw a 7 that wasn't a 6-1.  After watching the table for a bit I played the Don't, so did OK, but most players were placing the inside after the point was established. Dice were not clear dice, but opaque. While it is possible that the dice were fair, it isn't probably that all the 7s of the 35 I charted would be 6-1. Not sure if the casino was 'cheating', since I'd their license means more than one craps table.  But were they playing around the edges? I'd say so. 


I play twice a week. The dice that are used now days are unbalanced, that is their center mass is off center. The results are the same is six ace flats. A lot of 4-10 's, and 6-1, 5-2, sevens. They have no idea what to look for when they check the dice before they put them in the game. They spin them on the calipers, and even though they keep stopping on the same numbers, they put them in the game. Most dice are now made in Mexico, so there's little chance of word getting out.


I just came back from Vegas and had not played craps for along time till this trip.  I would document the 7 out numbers and found several were 4/3 and not the 6/1 like so many have told me to watch out for.  I only rolled myself 4 times. 2 rolls over 20 and 2 rolls under 10    I think.    I have heard there are clear vs. frosted and different colored dice used at the tables where the casino will switch colors or types on you so watch for that. It happened and I didn't even notice. 


I play frequently (2-3 times weekly).  Last year was a good year for me, made about 20K. Along about the end of November I began to see that there was something "different". No one was having a reasonable hand at the table. I began to watch more than play. I have not been to a casino in over a month. Yes, I do believe there is something going on.


I couldn't tell Ed, what would I look for to tell if the dice are altered? I can steal some and do further analysis if you like ??? Has anybody stole any dice from casino? It's easy to do, just toss them over the end and have a buddy pick sub them out, like drop

another pair while he picks up the real ones....


I do think they sometimes cheat.




it is so bad, I do not shoot craps nearly as much at the KC Casinos I can get three numbers -place or come- and bam......6-1. It is uncanny.


I play craps at 6 different places in Iowa the dice act so different at three of the places I no longer go.


Most definitely some of the casinos are using bad dice. When you get all 6/1 seven outs even on CF's you have to wonder what�s going on. You can also tell when they are using good dice. I do a short roll-out with all the dice before I pick two. One night at BINNIONS all six dice came up ONE'S!!! That should never happen with fair dice. Do I think they are FIXING the dice?? NO, but they use inferior dice.


Yes. I don't have a specific instance in mind. But the dice at Potawatomi (spelling is wrong) has always made me suspicious. I have caught something "funny" happening at the roulette wheel there. The wheel slowed down and then sped up. I complained to the state but nothing came up of it. They said it was somebody's hand. I have since moved to NM where there is a lot of casinos and my craps game is going much better ! I don't know how they would cheat and am interested in what you come up with. Weird how my game is so much better down here.


Yes, I think the casino maybe be using special dice-Do you know if they are?


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I think that I have been cheated at least 5 or more times at casinos that I have been to while playing craps. I don't know how they do it but on several occasions while I have been shooting the dice seem to change from perfect square to one side shaved. Not perpendicular to the next side. Every time I thought that this to be true I have sevened out. If you could have put 4 dice together they would not make a square!!!. Some other times I have noticed that after a med roll the dice seemed like they had an electric charge in them .They would not stick together when holding them. You could pick one of them up and drop it from one foot up and it would find its way to a 6 every time. Sounds ferry strange doesn't it!!!! I have felt this a number of times while shooting and have sevened out. Now if I shoot when I fell that current in them I simply through them off the table!!!!! I get a new set and the doughtier go crazy as I calmly through my come out with new dice. I dint say anything because no one would believe me but I have my concerns. It would seem pointless to say anything to the crew because they have no control over who is flipping the switch!!! Ever wonder why there is a mad dash to find a die when it has fallen off the table????? I think I have seen a die take one more flip when it has looked like it has stopped but it made one late complete turn so we could seven out. Maybe its superstition. Dice players are never accused of that!!!!!!!!! HA HA  GOOD LUCK STOPPING THE GAME TO PROVE YOUR POINT!!! BY THE TIME YOU BR ING IT UP, ITS TOO LATE!!!


Yes, I have played at casinos in AC where the dice were suspect of being altered and the tables were very bouncy. Resorts, Trump Marina, Taj Mahal, Bally's, Trump Plaza and Show Boat are the casinos that I avoid playing. 

I noticed this about 2-1/2  to 3 years ago. Lets face it when 9 out of 10 seven outs are 6-1 there is reason to suspect the dice. I noticed that this was common on the low min tables. The $25 tables the dice seemed to be better at times. One time I did a short roll when I got the 5 dice handed to me and all 5 were 6�s. I think they call that yatzie. Any way we do the short roll to try to find the fair dice usually we pick the 4 & 3. The casino won�t use 4-3 shaves since they hit the inside numbers including the seven. The 6-1 shave hits the horn numbers and the outside numbers. The 6-1 shaves kills the Do�s and the Don�t players. The Don�t players lay the 4 and the 10 and the 6-1 will give an above average number of hits for the outside numbers. 

The felt was also changed to micro fiber that is very bouncy. This felt is very shiny. The casino says they use it because it holds up better but I suspect they are trying to stop the dice control players. All of this eliminates the advantage of parr players, the on axis toss combined with the setting of the dice to pick off certain numbers. 

Some of the casinos that did the above early on saw a decrease in craps players and changed the table felts. But the casinos I listed above are suspect to shaved dice. 

Do you think casinos cheat at the dice table?  

Yes. The table felt, additional material within 18� from the end wall and the biased dice. When I first started playing craps the table had a nice hard surface where you could hear the dice hit the table. Now you see the dice bouncing off the table a lot. I now do not help out and chase down the dice, let the suits run them down.


yes I do think at very busy times the casinos use cheat dice and the table or under the felt there is some thing that makes the dice do crazy things you would not think is possible to happen I have seen dice total stop then one dice roll over on one side and I have seen tables were no good shooters or dice setters could not get any thing going.


You bet casinos are using biased dice which are either twisted or shaved.  They have no one to stop them from doing it.  The Gaming Commission is useless as they don't have updated equipment to check the dice.
Most of the players don't chart the tables and when the sevens average more than 2 every 12 rolls then there is a good chance you using biased dice and most people don't know it or don't want to believe it because they don't think a casino would cheat.  A casino will do what they can get away with.
When the casinos stopped using balancers and calipers at the tables, then you better
believe there is a smoking gun. I think Colorado has the best craps rules.  Due to these rules, they reject about half there dice as not meeting specs. Each dice is measured and balance checked at the table.


Yes, without a doubt. Resorts in Tunica on several occasions.  Sahara in Vegas. These 2 casinos admitted they use the dice to me.


There is no doubt in My opinion that the casinos are using house biased dice. I play often and in several casinos. the fact that there are more short rolls, P S Os and one or two 7s, such as 6/1s or 5/2s.When this happens other numbers are displaced and not showing up, usually the 6&8. What the casinos are doing is going to kill the game if this practice continues!!!  They have the edge on every bet except the odds behind the line. They don't have to use biased dice. I have only found two casinos that have fair dice where I play. I will admit that I only play in a small percentage of all the casinos in Vegas. I also choose not to play on the weekends, as playing conditions are worse during that time.


I can positively state that many casinos across the country have biased dice in play.
I have personally seen faulty biased dice tested in the casino on at least 4 occasions. I have seen biased dice challenged and confirmed in the casino on one occasion, only to have a gaming commission representative deny a written complaint to be taken( a state gaming regulation violation by itself) and the record of incident lost. I have seen 17 of 18 sevens come as 6/1 sevens on a table.
I have seen so much talk on web sites of 6/1 sevens in play, that it resulted in the
casinos switching to 5/2 sevens. I have seen 3 and 4 tables in the same casino have 2x's more 4s and 10s than 6s & 8s for more than 5 hours observation; along with 20 to 30% more horn #s as well. I have seen the manufacturing process and testing of a major supplier in person; and, can confirm there was NO testing done for balance.
I have seen dice tested in the casino where the balance testing was not done with
any knowledge on how to find or confirm that a die is balanced or not - on almost every occasion. There are no instructions or specific instructions and details in any States gaming regulations and policies; though Colorado does have slightly better language than most others, they are woefully short in insuring a fair game as far as the dice are concerned. In fact, the regulations are so weak in the specifics as to insure unbiased dice, one can only conclude they were written with this probability to occur and be with-in the requirements. Dark siders get killed on the CO 7-11s and many times large lays on 4 & 10s are lost. Same table and losers on both sides! Place betters are lost 6&8s that seldom roll. Charted tables show more horns, 4 & 10s and 7outs at the cost of 6 & 8s on the ratio pyramid. These tables are difficult to beat and one must proceed in a manner against all normal methods and odds; because the odds of the game are not fair and true! Just one mans observations not just an opinion). Most do not believe this, but after more than 5 years observations on what one could define full time, it is their loss, not mine.


yes, they are using dice that are overused, there are no more sharp edges and some of the dice are slightly deformed. One new casino here in our country is not using regulation table tops, they are using rubber table tops, to make it very , very ,bouncy, how can I use dice control in this table?

There is no fair dice on the weekend you might see one set out of 6 tables that are fair.

When there is a convention in Vegas you would be hard presses too find fair dice on the tables. If you see someone go on a big roll and there was a lot of money taken off the table you will not find fair dice for a few days all the 7 will be coming the same way!


I played at Main Street in LV over the holidays.  Every time I played I lost betting on other people.  I talked to two other players who said the dice went around the table and constantly 7'nd out.  One lady said she stopped playing there altogether.  I lost $800. On a previous trip to LV I had won $500 and $700 at Main Street.  I am going to stop short of accusing them of having crooked dice.  I think the Station casinos in LV may be in bankruptcy.  If so, it does make you wonder. 


I feel they use sharp corner dice and they inflate and deflate the table and also air waves to rule the dice.


I have played at Laberge Dulac in Louisiana and they consistently have a distinct advantage every time I have played there.  The only time I have won there was when a random shooter who was betting the dark side, got the dice and was trying to throw a natural and won me a lot of money...lol He hit hard ways after hardways, but when I set the dice and threw them...the red devil showed up.  Everyone I watched throw the dice seemed to include the natural in less than every 5 or 6 throws.  Seems a little suspicious...what was even more suspicious is the fact that they had a dice balancer in the pit and a suit was explaining to me that all dice were checked to make sure they were perfectly balanced from the mfg.  I'm not sure which way they were using this info?


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Felt they used bad dice - I know they use bad dice!  The double eagle casino in Colorado was shut down for a while about 6 months ago for using "Bad Dice".  I live in Indiana, and when the gaming commission took the state police out of "policing" the casinos-we started seeing "bad dice".  I would be at a craps table for 2 hours and see more 2's and 12's than 6's and 8's - do not insult me and say it is the dice correcting themselves.  The thanksgiving weekend five years ago one of the river boat casino's we caught with "bad dice" and the gaming commission swept it under the rug - I know the guy who caught them. 

I think it has been an evolution for the casinos.  It started with 6-1 seven outs.  I would be at a table for two hours and ALL of the seven outs would be 6-1.  One of my buddies has a son who is a craps dealer, and he told his son the casinos were cheating - his son did not believe him.  Several weeks later he came home and told his dad that he was right.  During his shift, all of the seven out were 6-1.  Then we started seeing 5-2 seven-outs.  I was at a casino in Mississippi and for 3 hours all we saw were 5-2 seven-outs.  When you go to a table and see more 4's, 10's and horn numbers than 6's and 8's - THEY ARE CHEATING.  I am in a casino 3-4 times a week.  I am not a 3 or 4 times a year player.  The math does not add up.  The dice are altered in the manufacturing process.  Once the dice started coming from Mexico, there were problems.  The dice are out of balance and the casino floor people do not know how to use the balancing calipers correctly to check for balance.

Recently at a charity casino, I've seen the pit boss behind the craps table
use a dice scribe to alter the dice as he is setting the needle point, he is pressing
so hard his knuckles are turning white, when the new dice were brought in, they would wobble, rendering setting useless. and another occasion, table is super hot, everyone long rolls, dice get thrown off the table, suddenly 5 new dice appear, pit boss says die was badly chipped and new dice needed......how bad can a die get rolling on that carpet....


Here are the SRR results from six sheets of  dice rolls(120 rolls per sheet) recorded at the Trump Plaza on November 2,3 & 4, 2009. 4.14, 4.6, 6.1, 4.9, 5.21 & 5.6  This is a relatively small population to draw a conclusion from, but it gives one pause for serious thought!


yes very much so!  my husband and I were in Biloxi, at two different casinos when the dice seem to be rolling mostly 7's.  no craps, evens or hard ways. and they felt sticky.  we were told that they were made of cotton, so the sweat from handling them made them that way. lost our butts those days.


I believe that the Beltera Casino in Indiana has bad dice. I can't truly put my finger on the problem but they just felt funny in my hand. And for sure they were very small. I know that there are different sizes in dice but they just seemed wired. I was not the only one complaining. This was bout 3 years ago.


I'm sorry (MY PERSONAL OPINION) then casino wants you to walk in hand over your money and then they will put their foot in your butt and shove you out the door.  I have found and pointed out bad dice in AC, LV, in Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, and St. Louis.  We found that the gaming commission is in charge of protecting the CASINO from employees stealing from the CASINO and players cheating/stealing from the CASINO.  There is NOTHING in there realm of  their business where the gaming commission protects the player from the CASINO !!!! I was in Tunica with Sage, Baitman, Dr. Z and we were playing at Hollywood Casino.  These guys did not believe in" bad dice" and I showed them what 5-2 dice looked like.  I also pointed out 6-1 dice in the Resorts Casino in Tunica.  Some dice are worse than others - BUT THEY ARE ALL OVER.  With casino profits down, the casinos are wanting to squeeze as much $$$$$ out of the players as they can - BAD DICE !!!!


What a shame though that the casinos feel they need to further slant the odds in their favor.  Yeah, I know, "it's all about the money", but still there should be some recourse for the players.  I'm fairly new to the game, but wonder - other than Colorado where they're illegal - are altered dice less prevalent in some geographic regions/casinos than others, i.e., like Mississippi, etc.  Anybody have any thoughts on this? 


You must keep in mind that craps is a 'bound game'. So far, whenever the house alters the conditions, somebody finds a way to take advantage of that. It is a function of how evenly balanced casino craps is on both the do and don't sides. This necessitates both observation and the ready willingness to alter your betting strategy and to play what you are seeing!! A casino induced bias greatly increases the possibilities for profit - elsewhere. The astute player just needs to figure out the house caused shift.


For the same reason the Vegas casinos have changed the game of Blackjack to the point where it is unbeatable.....................GREED ! ! ! !  The same reason the casinos introduced Microfiber tables...........They don't like to lose ! ! !  Oh yes, and one other reason.................because they can get away with it ! ! ! !   Remember, that according to some of the state commissions they " are within tolerance " 


In the case of shaves (old style altered dice) you would never be able to "feel" the slim 5 one thousandths of an inch of the shave. Modern altered dice are manufactured by controlling the temperature/cooling of the center of the dice so that the center mass point is shifted towards one specific face. You would never be able to feel this difference either!! In NJ several years ago the casino regulations were significantly eased so that the old style shaves are no longer illegal. What possible reason would YOU put forward for such a house favorable and totally unnecessary alteration to the state's gambling laws? 

Jobs are available yet people still choose to rob banks - surely you are not naive enough to still believe that corporations "never cheat" regardless of what their profit edge already happens to be?!!!!  Do you remember Enron?!!!!


I remember an end run, and I remember Exxon, but most all�. I remember the Alamo! Tubs from San Antonio, TEXAS


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