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The Dice Whisperer


I just re-read your email response in your March, newsletter and I wanted to thank you for your kind consideration and sharing your years of experience and knowledge of Craps and Life. The two are intertwined as one is an extension of the other. Craps is life on a smaller table as are many things in life we do. I know you are not making this stuff up as it resonates within me and confirms my own beliefs about the game. It's like tuning a guitar, one string when in tune will start to vibrate the next string making the same note. Thank you.

I liked your picture of the Knucklehead as my brother, Michael, has a 1939 model that he likes to ride to rallies and proudly stand next to as a "real bike". It's just a little hard to start sometimes but well worth it once it turns over.

Visualizing your drive to work got me to thinking, after I chuckled. I had a saying at work to "plan your work and work your plan". Thinking ahead of time of what you are going to be doing and then doing it is always a good strategy to employ. There is always room for flexibility as conditions change but stay with the plan until the plan changes.

While in college, I used to play pool and I always played better when I called my pocket. I realize now I was visualizing my next shot, which pocket the ball was going to drop into and where the cue ball was going to end up. I also use this technique when playing a round of golf. I imagine the flight path of my ball and how I am going to strike the ball to make it travel on that path. And the same goes for putting. Visualizing the ball dropping into the cup and then doing it is one of the great thrills of playing golf. There are also many gut wrenching parts to the game, but that's what keeps me coming back (in that way it is a lot like Craps:). It's the 5 inches between my ears that gives me the most problems...lol

But now I want to shift my focus to something you mentioned in your response about "an intuitive whisper". I love that phrase and I thank you for sharing it with me as I have heard that whisper on many occasions and have named it "The Call".

In the early days of my Craps playing, I would be at the Table and hear the whisper say hard 10. I would not act on it and just pass it off and then boom...hard ten shows up on the other end of the table. I would say, wow, why didn't I act on that gift from the universe? After that experience, I tried to force the whisper by willing it, but of course, it wouldn't work.

So I became a bit disillusioned about its reliability and did not listen to it, until one day I was playing at O'Sheas in Vegas. I was playing at the table right next to the sidewalk and was standing at the south end of the table.

The shooter was at the other end and the point was 6. I had some money on the six and the hard six. My wife, Debra, who was standing behind me, whispered, "Bet on the hard 6." So, I hopped the hard 6 for $5, just before the stick man pushed the dice to the shooter. He then threw the dice towards me and they stopped cold on 3 and 3. The table when wild and everyone started asking me if I got the phone call and I said no, my wife did!

So, Debra and I started talking about how she knew the hard 6 was coming up and she said it just came into her head somehow. Clear and early enough for her to tell me about it and for me to place a bet. We started to talk about it and about being in the "Moment" or in the "Flow" and wondered if we could deliberately get into the "Flow" when we wanted?

 We came to the realization that it was sort of gift from the Universe as it doesn't happen all the time and its predictability is very low. It happens when we are in the "Flow" and listening.  We also have to have the confidence to act on it quickly. Sometimes we don't have time to place a bet as the stick man has already passed the dice to the shooter, in those cases, I just smile when the number is thrown. If the stick man is really fast, then I'll sometimes throw out a two way hopper, (one bet for me and one for the crew) that usually brings the dice back to the center of the table! We are still listening for the intuitive whisper" and being open to its voice, recognizing it and appreciating it for what it is...a Gift.  

I was wondering how often others hear that "Intuitive Whisper" and is there anything you do to put yourself in a better frame of mind to be more in touch with those "Whispers" before or during a game of Craps. I find that those "Whispers" come just before the dice are rolled so the separation of time is not more than 10 to 20 seconds before the dice are thrown, if that long. Also, do you notice that the "Intuitive Whisper" comes just when someone else is throwing or when you are throwing the dice? 

Thanks again for allowing me to share my experience. After writing this little note, I think I'll be changing my Craps name from the "Dice Whisperer", I appreciate the inspiration.

Right now I'm enjoying this nice quiet morning with a heavy fog outside and it's dripping on the metal porch roof, keeping time but not with a regular beat. My dog, Pup Pup, (a 90 pound Catahoula) is under my desk asleep but I think he'll be ready for a walk soon, as it's one of the highlights of his day, and mine. I've got about 2 inches of cold coffee in my cup but I'll warm it up after I come back from the walk.

Take care and enjoy the moment,

The Dice Whisperer


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