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Follow Up to Caution


This is a follow up to the recent article I wrote about learning to work with applied metaphysics.  It is recommended that you first read the article titled Subtle Signs of Caution.

In the article I provided an example from personal experience. I told the story of how three caution lights, while driving, alerted me to be hyper vigilant on a trip to town. In the end, I was forewarned of an event. A pedestrian ran in front of my truck and I stopped in time.

The final piece that I wish to address here has to do with the confirmation. It is easy to say all this is hooie and as a driver, I should always be alert to my responsibilities. In my 34 years of living a metaphysical life I know the difference between accepting life as it comes and empowering myself with a life style based in metaphysics.

Time is the mystery piece as universal law has no time constraints. Never the less, it has been my experience that the confirmation for a premonition usually follows close behind the subtle clues of perception.

It was this discovery, during my times gambling at the Mirage with Stuart Wilde, that I came to understand that there was more to the “game” than meets the eye. I learned to carefully notice my feelings during the game and the outcome when the soft whisper of perception came across my mind like a spring breeze. When my premonition manifested, I locked in the feeling confirmed by the winning results. Witnessing the confirmation strengthened my ability to consistently read the energy of the game.

Perception merges with feelings and feeling decide validity, yes or no. Receiving a “yes” is confirmation. Confirmation reinforces perception in the knowing that I knew, what I knew, before it manifested in real time.

I have long stated my belief of energy and how energy is always true. When it comes to metaphysical experiences, those who believe know the difference between touching into another dimension and simply kidding one’s self, acting out impulsively.

During play, be it casino craps, blackjack, or poker, having the skill of applied metaphysics is like an invisible sword. During my 27 years of gaming, I know this to be my truth. If it works for me, it works for all who are willing to give it a shot. No special equipment needed. You already possess it.

Next time you experience a confirmed premonition, lock it in by silently saying to yourself, "I knew that was going to happen, and I was prepared."

Copyright © 2017 Michael Vernon


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