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To Be Successful


Hello my dear readers, if I had to stress only one thing to a craps player planning to be successful in and out of the casino, it would be this: The game is about you and only you!


"What you are looking at as you peer out through your eyes
is a reflection of you." Stuart Wild - Secrets of Life


In working with those I interact with at the table, I get so many questions about how I approach the game and what skills I practice to be able to perform at a level that provides me more winning sessions than losing ones. Most players know that I openly share my personal philosophies emphasizing that what works for me may not necessarily work for them. Still, together, we work toward successfully building confidence and trust in oneself as we find an approach that fits the players’ belief system.


This article touches upon being open to understanding the game in its entirety.  I like to call it playing the game multi-dimensionally. To me, it is so important for a player to always be aware about what they feel, do, believe, and express at the tables, because this energy is directly reflected in the outcome of the game. I hope that your belief system allows you to be open to this idea.

Make 2023 about what works for you. For this new year, trust yourself and your own perceptions. Stop making this game so difficult and get your hands on anything that works for you. Be spontaneous and focus on being genuine and authentic with your approach. Throw out whatever you believe to be faulty approaches that you may have learned when you first started playing this game and create ones that work for you. If it no longer serves and honors you, ditch it now, and make room for something new.

Know and accept this: Losing will not be removed for the game. Still, it need not be experienced. Can you understand that? How you play this game is for you and only you to decide. No one else can make the decision about how to play for you. Once you trust this, you are the creator of your experiences at the tables, whatever the outcome, it defines what you are searching for in as much as it defines your reality.


Sometimes it may not seem like it, yet, experiences that were opposite to what you expected is the way the game is intended to be. That is the polarizing, dualistic nature of the game. A lot like life, isn't it?.


Whatever and however you define success and winning when playing craps, in the new year, intend it. Expect it. Only you know how to do it.


Happy New Year 2023!

Soft Touch


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