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What About a Losing Streak


The best way to stop a losing streak is to stop playing and wait for the trend to change. The player need to remember that they can stop any time. However, most players don't and they keep throwing money away, even when every bet they make, results in a loss. 

Do bets, Don't bets, whatever, STOP PLAYING. If you must play (not recommended) try hedge betting with a Don't come bet and then placing betting the same number with a similar amount. It will keep you in the game until maybe, there is a change in the trend. But don't just keep playing when you keep losing every bet. Trends rule and if you are not on the right trend, losing is bound to happen. That is why they have exits on casino doors.  

You must have money management, set your loss limit to no more than 40-50% and watch for the trend. If it is a cold trend, leave (harder to do than to say) but if you don't have the discipline to be a good player, the casino will take you to the cleaners.

 Trends are so important and few people ever consider to chart the table before they play. Ninety percent of the time, players think they can change a cold trend to a hot trend. --- NO YOU Can't! Even if you think you can set the dice and influence the outcome. I see it all the time. There are three major trends. Do trend (we love that) the Dont trend (make money on the don't), and a Choppy trend. This is where you run don't walk to the exit--period end of story.  

Warm Regards 


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