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Strategy #15

No 4 or No 10 – Good for a cold or choppy table

Basic Gist: Lay the 4 and/or the 10 and hope that 7 is thrown before the 4 or 10.

Max Loss: $41 on 1 lay $82 if you lay both

You can make this bet and take it down at anytime. You can bet both the 4 and 10 at the same time. What you are doing is laying the odds ( say $40 ) that a 7 will be thrown before a 4 or 10. This is one of the better bets you can make.

Notice on the table that there isn't any wording about this bet, unlike the large lettered field and come. It's so advantageous to the player that the casino charges you a 5% vig on the amount of money you'll win.

Simply say to the dealer that you want a No 4 for $40. You put down $41 ( 5% on a $20 win is $1 ) and the dealer will put your money in the don't come box above the 4. Now you hope a 7 is thrown before a 4.

A win will pay $20. You can take the No 4 bet of $40 down or pay another dollar and leave it up.  I like to make this bet after a 4 or 10 is thrown. Most shooters will 7 out after 4 rolls and it is less likely that they will throw a second 4 or 10 before a 7. I also follow how often the 4 and 10 are being thrown at the tables. If a lot of 4's are coming up, I'll favor the 10.

This bet can be hedged with a bet on the hard 4 or 10. The downside to this bet is that you are risking twice as much money as you'll win. A 4 or 10 coming up before a 7 is a bankroll killer.

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