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A Different Way of Thinking

Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.


Had a thought the other day , so since it is a rare occurence I thought I would share it. Since most setting talk deals with avoiding the 7 and any way you set the dice a seven combination is present on that axis, why not focus on avoiding other numbers ? For example, there is an axis that has no combinations of the 5 and 9 , the straight 6-5 set. this set is also heavy on the 7's( 1:4 ). So why not make a minimum pass line wager or even a doey-don't then lay the 5 and 9 and set straight 6-5's ? This of course only works if you are good at keeping both dice on axis, which I am still working on. It also makes for short dice hands for yourself, so a crowded table would make for long waits in between opportunities, so off hours when tables are less populated would probably be more beneficial. Anybody experimented with this in the past or have any ideas on it ?


I don't know if you get the newsletter, but I addressed this topic I believe in the November newsletter. I think laying the the 5 or 9 on the COME OUT while using the straight sixes set is a strong strategy. Most importantly it's a WIN - WIN situation. You are trying to throw a seven to both win your pass line bet AND win the the lay 5 or 9 bet. This way, you lower your risk on the lay bet because it's not sitting out there roll after roll after roll. (You remove your lay bet once a point has been established) Laying any number requires that you risk more money than you are going to win, which is why I don't recommend this as an ongoing bet. Similarly, this is why I don't like shooting from the don't. Even when you're successful shooting from the don't, your success is rewarded with a profit which is fine, but also rewarded with having to pass the dice.

If you shoot from the don't, you never have that experience of shooting a 30 + roll hand, turning reds, to greens, to blacks, to (hopefully) purples....

just my $00.02, everyone's goals are personal and different.

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Rhythm Dice Setter

Whenever the table is ice cold and real choopy, I will use that scenario and shoot from the don't side. Similar to Irishsetter reply, I don't like to put out more money to win less than even money. I do it to pass the dice and wait for the next time when my confidence level is back up that my SRR will be back up to over 12. It is something that you learn from experience to minimize your losses.


Lance -

I actually have a pretty fair DP strategy in the dice setting book I'm working on. Hopefully I'll get this thing in shape to get it published by Summer. I'll keep you guys posted in case anyone is interested.

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