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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

Great Expectations

Referring to this article


Irishsetter that was a nice article. Sometimes when I enter the Dreamland World of the casino environment ,my thoughts are so intense on winning that before I realize it I am leaving the casino with a bad attitude if I have lost or feeling spent and worn out after having fought the battle even if I have won. Along the way in this Dreamland I have forgotten to have fun and smell the roses while engaged in a leisure activity. I sometimes forget that I am just a recreational gambler and nothing more, Thanks for making me realize again for me that gambling is fun if my attitude will allow it to be.



Don't get me wrong...I'm serious about what I do at the tables. It's just that one should have expectations grounded in reality and that there are certainly few things I enjoy more than standing at a craps table....I may be workin' hard....but I've got a smile on my face.


I know you are serious about craps , Irish. I want to win everytime I enter the casino, it's just that sometimes it gets to the point that I begin to feel that it is a job and not a leisurely activity. I am not a professional gambler and found your article refreshing.


Irish.I enjoyed the article too.  I guess if I aspire to shoot somewhere between the PARR expectations (SRR = 7 to 8) and the MP's pretty hard to believe SRR = 18 +, I should do OK.  I'll go back to lurking now....


re: Great Expectations Stu 10:50 pm wednesday march 13, 2002 To Drop Dead Fred:

I like that name, thanks for dropping in...don't lurk to long.

It appears reasonable...... that it can be "hard to believe" that the Mad P. SRR 18 to 28+ can become a standard, for members of THIS board, when one is attending a seminar that teaches an expectation of a SRR of 7. (I was surprised to see Mr. Jerry Patterson count the final 7-out in that ratio.)

I am firmly convinced that the Mad P. accounts are true, as I assume the other readers.

Now maybe the Mad P. is an exception that the average Joe can not reach. I would like to think that I can reach that level, or at least come close to it. That's why I crave for DETAILS....DETAILS....DETAILS. He said he has purchased 10 exotic cars (I can't even pronounce the name of those cars.) exclusively from the winnings from craps.

Now maybe the SRR of 7 is for beginners only, and the more experienced graduates roll a higher SRR. And, I assume that Mr. Patterson will provide a game plan and betting strategy that will show a profit with a SRR of 7. (Even the Mad P. states you don't need mega rolls to consistenly win at the game.)

All learning is good, so whatever, and whenever one has the opportunity to improve their skills, it should be welcomed. I appreciate Mr. Patterson's attempts to set realistic expectations, and not over promise. I see only good things coming from the event. I'm looking to read many informative trip reports from the seminar.

I like the point that Irish setter article made that: Keep making small improvements. If one begins with a SRR of 3, that's a starting point to improve from.


Just wanted to say again that the way that you figure your SRR can make all the difference in what is state is your SRR. We at PARR are just saying that using the PARR method of figuring your SRR as Jerry stated in an earlier email, a SRR of 7 to 8 will make you money. WE certainly don't want you to stop there. If you are setting for a 7 or horn number on a comeout roll well that 7 if hit wouldn't be counted. We are just saying the way we figure it is set for a point number establish a point and throw till a 7 appears and count that seven. If you set for a point cycle and throw a 7 on the comeout roll your SRR for that roll series is 1.

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