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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

Straight Sixes or PARR All 7's Set?


which is better 6 ways to win on comeout roll with straight six set or parr all 7's set with no craps numbers then go for the point?


Personally I prefer the straight 6 set with 6's up and 5's facing.

A whirl bet can be a real money maker by pressing $5 on the first seven and $5 on each horn hit. Best I've done is $208 and press it $5 from a $5 initial investment.

Seven set can be used effectively when shooting from the don't after a point has been established.

May the dice be nice.


It's a matter of personal choice. Many swear by the all sevens set, I prefer the straight sixes. And for same reasons roadrunner stated, horn opportunities......


I go back and forth on this, but I will use the cross 6 instead of the straight 6 since on of the primary hits with the cross 6 is a 6 or 8. There are many in PARR that set the 7 for the comeout because of the the advantage that you have. I use to set with 5/2 on top and 4 facing and got alot of numbers I didn't like as my point. I then switched to 4/3 on top and with this set if I don't hit a 7 I will usually get a 6 or 8. It really depends on my plan when I am going to shoot. If I want to try a parlay on a horn bet I will use the cross 6, but if I want to hop the 7's I will us the all 7 set. For me it is a mater of how I feel for that day. I am going to throw something else out, there are many times I will use my normal set, the 3 V on the comeout and work the 6 and 8. Man, a lot of choices. It really depends on my mood for the day.


Personally, I'm an advocate of using the same set ALL the time, and I use the crossed sixes for two reasons. First of all, it his very likely you'll score an inside number as your point. Secondly, for the same reasons Roadrunner and Irishsetter like the Straight Sixes - you have an opportunity to score on a horn or world bet.

But to answer your question regarding what you SHOULD do - I'm of the opinion you should use the all sevens on the come out roll. Four ways to make the seven. Six ways to score a six or eight. IF you don't hit the seven on the come out you have a 37.5% chance that the point established will be the six or eight- which are both easy points to make.

After the point is established the V-3 hard six set is the best choice if you have an inside number as the point. If the point is four or ten you may choose from the mini-V hard four set.

Of course, opinions are like ... well, you know. Everybody has one.

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