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Never Say Never Again 

When I was a teenager in high school in Newark, New Jersey, I had an opportunity to go on my first big trip in a jet!  It was to the Northwest Outward Bound School in the state of Washington. Basically a one month, all expense paid camping trip! 

About halfway through the course, they put you out into the woods for three days on what they call a “SOLO” where you’re out on your own, fending for yourself as far as food, drink, and shelter. 

One of the things they give you to help you get by for the three days is a little booklet of inspirational writings. (I would have appreciated a tin of Vienna sausages much more!) Most of the stuff was pretty corny but there was this one piece that had to do with positive thinking that I’ve taken to heart for all these many years.

Every once in a while I go through my scrap box and dig out the booklet and re-read it.  Unfortunately I forget the title and the author and the scrap box is in storage somewhere so I can’t quote the piece verbatim but, it said something to the effect that, “If you say you can’t, you won’t.” ”If you even think you can, you will!” 

It’s unbelievable how many times during my life these words have proven themselves to be true!   There’s so much we can learn or do if we can just get ourselves out of the starting blocks and try!

And here we go again, dice influencing!  Let’s examine how many things I originally said I couldn’t do:

a.)     I’ll never be able to throw from anywhere but SR1.

Ha! I can now comfortably throw from any position to the right of the stickman.  My first monster roll, with one of our board members in attendance, came from straight out on the south side of the table! One hour long, multiple passes and dozens of numbers.

b.)     I can’t throw on a fourteen-foot table.

Double Ha! Not only can I now do it, but I can do it from the max, 14’.
The first time I tried it, I threw for over twenty rolls!

c.)     I’ll never master this grip, It’s too hard to do.

Ha! Two weeks later: “Hey, this grip isn’t that bad, I think I’ll start using it!”

d.)     I can’t get past five rolls throwing to this target, and I can’t throw to any other spot.

Double Ha and a half!  Last week at Foxwoods less than five and out for three hands, switched the target to the diagonal corner, wham! 30 rolls with 5 passes! 

Woe is the person that stops at the word never. How many experiences has that person been cheated out of?  And look at all the lost opportunities.  When I hear the word never it signals a challenge, a new door to be opened and new things to be learned, opportunities for enrichment, advancement of skills.

If you want to be the best you can be at this game you have to jump in and get your feet wet and that will only happen if you never say never again!

Now let’s see, I know I’ll never be able to make $50,000. a year playing craps…………..


Good Skill,

Mickey D. 

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