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Chasing the Perfect Throw

The precision throw is a very delicate balance of several components: set, grip, velocity, arc, spin, and landing target; all of which are predicated by individual table conditions. 

A set of parameters for these components that work on one table may not work on another. All dice setting veterans know this. Those that are just beginning dice influencing will learn this very quickly.  So to that end, there is no one perfect throw, and trying to chase it will only create frustration.  What we should instead pursue is similar to what I have found in a new hobby I've recently taken up: Home Brewing Beer!

In brewing beer I’ve learned that you can create a lot of different styles and flavors by giving a small tweak to a base recipe.   You start by developing a very repeatable basic formula. Then by adding a pinch of this or an ounce of that you can change the color of the beer, its taste, amount of carbonation, just about anything you want. 

And it all works off of a base set of ingredients just like our dice throw: a certain set, grip, velocity, arc, spin and landing target.  Once you develop a good, reliable, basic throw, you can tweak it a bit, just like the beer recipe, and add little arc or subtract a little spin to achieve the desired result.  And just like brewing, it takes trial and error to attain the desired results. 

One type of beer is excellent during the winter but just doesn’t cut it in the summer.  One beer tastes great with nachos, but can’t cut the mustard with pickled eggs.  So, just as no one beer is perfect for every need, so to is our dice toss.  There is no one throw that will work on every table.  So if you’re looking for that one perfect throw, it doesn’t exist! 

But, if you know what you can produce with a repeatable formula of set, grip, velocity, arc, spin and landing target, you can (and should) bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be able to alter the ingredients to achieve a winning recipe.

And who said alcohol and dice don’t mix?

May the dice always bounce in your favor,

Mickey D.   

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