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The Importance of the Toss in Dice Setting 

“If You Build It, They will Come…”

No I’m not suggesting you jump on the John Deere and mow down your crops to construct a baseball diamond in the middle of YOUR cornfield like Kevin Costner did in the movie, Field of Dreams.  Remember, after all, this is a DICE SETTING web site!

For those of you who didn’t watch the movie, Ray, a rabid fan of the game of baseball, played by Costner, was in trouble of losing the family farm.  He kept hearing a voice that said, “If you build it they will come.”  So he mows down a large portion of his cornfield and builds a regulation size baseball field where the ghosts of former players that have passed away play the game. 

James Earl Jones, who plays a writer/equally rabid baseball fan, explains to Ray that people will come from far and wide to his “Field of Dreams” and pay for the experience.  The movie ends with a shot of an endless stream of cars, with paying customers, winding their way towards Ray’s “Field”.  With that Ray’s financial woes are over! The End, roll the credits.

So why am I talking about ghosts and baseball on a dice setting web site?  I’d like you to conduct an experiment.  Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and then slowly let it out.  Did you hear the voice?  “If you build it, they will come...”  No? 

Try it again…………………………………………Still didn’t hear the voice?  That’s too bad, because those seven words might very well be the most important seven words of your dice influencing life!

I want you to ask yourself another question.  Why do I practice dice influencing?  After all is said and done, I think your answer will eventually boil down to this: “I want to make money!”  And the best way to make money in the game of craps is by influencing, in your favor, the outcome of an otherwise random event.

OK so now you know WHY you play the game, and you know HOW to achieve your objective. So now let’s take a look into the how of the HOW!  How do I influence the dice?  Well you already know or will very quickly learn all the sets and betting strategies to achieve your goal. 

So, what’s left? 

You have to develop a THROW that turns up NUMBERS! (Any number will do, thank-you, except the seven!)  Hence the voice: If you build it (THE TOSS), they (THE NUMBERS) will come!

I don’t care what anybody tells you, you won’t make money on a consistent basis if you don’t make the toss of the dice your primary concern within this discipline.  The toss is the delivery mechanism to get the dice to the end of the table and come to rest in a favorable manner. 

This may sound overly simple but without a repeatable, reliable method to get the dice on the felt, your time would be better spent scrounging the streets for deposit bottles!

This article isn’t meant to tell you which grip and toss method is the best one to use.  You’ll have to find that out on your own and this is one of the best web sites on the Internet to accomplish the task.  Just be warned, however, that you should not place your hard earned dollars at risk in a casino until you have mastered your toss. 

So read and re-read everything you can on the grips and throws.  Find the combination that works best for you and your body and begin practicing.   After about 6,000+ throws, when you’ve built up sufficient muscle memory, you’ll be ready to move on, but not before then.

Just never lose sight of how critical a good toss is to your eventual success.  It’s not the sets, and not all the fancy betting strategies.  It all boils down to your delivery mechanism: how you hold the dice and get them out onto the table.  It’s the toss that will make or break your bankroll. 

Just ask anybody who’s had the dice hang up in their hand and cause a seven-out right after they’ve pressed up all of their bets!

To make money in this game you have to throw numbers!  How many times have you heard these words at the craps table, “Boy, that guy can really throw numbers!”

Perfect your toss and they’ll be saying that about you!

And remember,

“If you build it, they will come…”

May the Dice Always Bounce in Your Favor,

Mickey D.

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