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How To Get THERE from HERE

Part 14


 If You Had An Extra $100 Per Session, What Would You Do With It?

Let’s face it, most players that step up to the table are under-bankrolled for the bets that they are making, and the players that aren’t over-betting, are usually under-betting their advantage.

In either case, their use of the money they’ve got to work with is often used more to their detriment than to their benefit.

Think about your current session buy-in and about the things that you do with that money.

~Some of your buy-in is dedicated to betting on random-rollers.

~Some of your money is dedicated to betting on your own validated advantage-play bets and perhaps on other dice-influencers and rhythm-rollers.

~There's also a good chance that some of the wagers you make during your own rolls are based on hunches, out-moded set-theory concepts, out-of-date roll-stats that fail to recognize your current skill-set, and bets that are based more on superstition and hope rather than on any actual currently-valid advantage over the casino.

~Some of your buy-in is also probably dedicated to tips for the cocktail waitress and tokes for the crew.

We’ll talk about what percentages each one of those categories constitute and how big your player-edge on the advantage-play category has to be to overcome the cost of the other items at another time, but for now I want you to think about how you would use that money if you had an extra $100 in your buy-in during each session.

~Would you finally put a more decent amount of money on your already-validated big-advantage bets as they so richly deserve and are currently crying out for?

~Would you make a couple of high-flyer prop-bets that have a low chance of winning but a high chance of an adrenalin rush…even if the ‘thrill’ only lasts for a second or two?

~Would you use the extra $100 per session to spread your bet-action to a couple of wagers that you’ve been wanting to try out, but didn’t quite have the courage or bankroll to try before?

~Would you use a Steeper Regression than let’s say your current 2:1 ISR ratio of $44-Inside-down-to-$22-Inside; and move it up to perhaps a 5:2 ISR ratio $110-Inside-regressed-to-$44-Inside?

~Would you use it to back up your Passline and Come-bets with FULL Odds?

~Perhaps you would change nothing about any of the things you do with your current session buy-in and instead use that extra $100 per session bonus as a comforting cushion that you'd know you have but that you generally wouldn’t touch?

The question really comes down to what you expect that extra $100 would do for you on a per-session basis.

For example:

~If you fully bet that extra $100/session on wagers where your dice-influencing skills have shown a substantive edge over the house; you would double that base amount after an incredibly few number of hands.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that putting the majority of your betting-weight on your strongest-edge bets is not as thrilling as hitting a quadruple prop-parlay on 12-Midnight, and most players scoff at my notion of plodding along making a 2% or 3% return on their per-hand investment session-after-session, day-after-day, and week-after-week, because it lacks a certain level of excitement and sex-appeal; but let me ask you this:

When was the last time you doubled your session buy-in and how FREQUENTLY and how STEADILY have you been able to do that?


If you have validated your edge over the house using a statistically significant number of in-casino rolls to verify your advantage; then there is no good excuse why you aren’t doubling not only your session buy-in but also your entire gaming bankroll on a pretty steady basis.

If you aren’t doing that despite your advantage over the casino; then don’t blame your shooting…blame your betting.

The players who impatiently sneer at this type of approach because “it takes too long to double my money”, are usually the same players who almost NEVER get to that point of doubling their sessional buy-in…and when they do, it’s usually lost right back in subsequent sessions.

You don’t have to count yourself in that group unless you choose to.

If you have an advantage over the casino; you have to bet it in a compelling manner.

~Yes, that may mean taking money away from the bets that you’d normally make on random-rollers.

~Yes, that may mean reducing your high-erosion hop-and-prop action.

~Yes, that may even mean reducing the breadth of the wagers you make on your own hands so you can focus the majority of your betting-weight on the wagers where you have the highest-edge.

If you treat almost every dollar of your buy-in as though it was there to strictly serve your advantage-play wagers and mostly reserved for your best-of-the-best validated-edge situations (where you have the strongest prospect of winning); after a while you would find yourself in the enviable position of not only doubling your sessional buy-in on a very regular basis…but doubling your entire gaming bankroll as well.

Like I said, the whole idea and process of betting-to-your-advantage may not be exciting to action-junkies who want and need more exhilaration; but you have to remember that they are usually only temporary custodians of anything they win anyway.

You have to look at what you want your money to do for you while you are in a casino.

If you want it to entertain you; then it’s okay to kiss it good-bye and enjoy the fleeting moment of excitement; but if you want it to work for you and really generate some rates-of-return that are nothing short of amazing; then you have to put it to work on your strongest-edge bets...and let it do its job.

So let me ask you again, If You Had An Extra $100 Per Session, What Would You Do With It, and why don’t you treat most of your current buy-in exactly the same way?


 Good Luck & Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.




The Mad Professor

Copyright © 2006 



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