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 Dice Setter Precision Shooter's Newsletter

Volume I : Issue VIII

January 2002:

When I began my journey into dice influencing, there were but a few brave voices posting on the rec.gambling.craps newsgroup who gave me some direction.  One year ago next week, I posted a web site (which would later be known as dicesetter.com) as a means for this minority group of craps players to share information and ideas.  In a very short year, that minority group has flourished into a community... an increasingly growing community...and one to be reckoned with.  The ideas you've shared via email, or in articles, or on the message board have, and continue to have an impact.  You've helped thousands sharpen their skills and refine their knowledge of the game.  You've turned craps players into advantage players and helped them prosper.  For that, I thank you because without you, there would be no dicesetter.com.

So what's the future hold for the dicesetter.com?  For one, the site needs a major redesign.  Because the site has become so large, navigating it is becoming increasingly difficult.  In addition, I'm still contemplating an upgrade in the message board software.  And finally, I hope to leverage the site's popularity into some tangible "perks" for site visitors. (casino rates, coupons, discounted travel and the like)  So keep an eye out.

Again, thanks for visiting dicesetter.com, but more importantly, thanks for participating!

Special Announcement!
Sharpshooter - Dicesetter.com Weekend In Las Vegas!

I have made an exclusive arrangement with Jerry Patterson for a very special weekend in Las Vegas featuring PARR Course Instructor and Co-author, Sharpshooter, to instruct a unique two-day class on March 23rd and 24th.

Sharpshooter is the co-developer, with Jerry Patterson, of the PARR Dice Control Course and also the co-author of Patterson’s book, Casino Gambling.  Sharpshooter writes for Casino.com print magazine, for Frank Scoblete’s Chance and Circumstance and Larry Edell’s  Newsletters and is currently authoring a book on craps in Scoblete’s Get the Edge series.  He has been the Chief Instructor of the PARR Course for the past five years.

Essentially, Sharpshooter will be teaching the PARR Course, taking into consideration the distinctive needs of dicesetter.com visitors.   

The format for the two-day program is a full day of classroom instruction on Saturday and a Dealer School Workshop on Sunday at which each participant will get a one-on-one critique of set, grip and throw, supervised practice with Patterson’s other instructors and possibly some in-casino play with a small team. 

Why should you attend this class?  I can give PARR training only a qualified recommendation as I have not yet attended the PARR Class but several precision shooters who regularly contribute to dicesetter.com are PARR graduates and have been quite pleased with their results. So, if you’d like to hone your skills and meet other like minded shooters, then this is the perfect opportunity! 

Mr. Patterson has agreed to charge a discounted fee of just $295 to Dice Setter visitors for the two-day class.  Because of the hands-on nature of the instruction, space is extremely limited for this event.   The registration fee covers your attendance at the Sharpshooter Craps Classes.  You will need to make your own travel, lodging, and meal arrangements for the weekend.  

This class is a stand-alone course, but components of the complete PARR Course including videotapes, audiotapes, manual, and more will be for sale at the class.  Mr. Patterson has assured me that the sales of the PARR Class components during the two days will be low-key with the primary focus on your instruction.

Heavy and I will be attending and possibly other special guests as well.  As a Precision Shooter Newsletter subscriber, you are among the first to hear of this event. Reserve your space now as I expect the class to fill rather quickly once the class is announced to the general public.  Complete details and a registration link can be found here or  you can call (800) xxx-7130 to register.  (For the class syllabus, click here - link removed)

Please refrain from posting on this topic on the message board for a few days in order to give Newsletter Subscribers the first opportunity to make a reservation.  Hope to see you there!

The Wall
by Michael Vernon

Energy expresses information that can be perceived in every situation. It is possible for a player to benefit, perhaps even to have an edge, using this information in casino games.

The “wall” is a phenomenon that occurs in both in both Craps and Blackjack. Hitting the wall is an energy experience. You can train yourself to recognize when you have hit the wall. Doing so may save your bankroll. When hitting the wall, it seems that you are waiting for something to happen and you feel trapped or stuck in the game. After playing for a while, the game stalls. Financially, the game is going nowhere. You will notice that you are not losing and you are not winning. It is a limbo-like feeling. There are several ways to determine that you have hit the wall. Here are three examples.

1. The bankroll is even, no profit no loss.
2. The bankroll is down a bit say minus four to six units.

3. The bankroll is up a bit say plus four to six units.

(one unit equals your minimum bet)

click here to continue reading The Wall

A Little Feedback Please...

In the past few months I have posted some "roundtable" articles on the site.  The idea behind this is to get several points of view on a single topic. I'd like to know whether this has been interesting or not to you and whether they should be continued.  If you do find this to be valuable and interesting and have a topic to suggest, email it to me.  I'm always interested in hearing the opinions of site visitors.  If you have suggestions, complaints, or just have to get something off your chest, drop me a note at ed@dicesetter.com.   If you haven't had an opportunity to read the roundtable articles that have been posted previously, here's a list:

On Put Bets and Precision Shooting
A Roundtable with Heavy and the Mad Professor

On Superstitions
A Roundtable with Heavy, Billy, Porkchop, Roadrunner, Dice Doctor

Best / Worst Craps or Gambling Books
A roundtable discussion with Roadrunner, Pablo, Billy, Heavy, Dice Doctor, Pork Chop and Mad Professor

Calling All Lurkers!

Yes.  I'm talking to you!  You know who you are.  You visit the message board but do you post your comments or questions? No!  How do I know? Don't ask, but I know. 

On average, there are 5 to 15 messages posted per day on the board. But, there are over 100 page views per day!  That means most of you are content to only read the message board !  I know you have something to say.  So get over there and say it!

If you have any comments or ideas for future issues, feel free to email me at ed@dicesetter.com  And as always, I'm looking for contributors with a fresh perspective.

If you know someone who would be interested in receiving future editions of Dice Setter Precision Shooter's Newsletter, copy and send them this link. Subscribe to Dice Setter

Good Luck!

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