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To Late to Sing the Blues

Blues guitarist, Denny Freeman, may have missed a good bet. No, Freeman was not a gambler per say, but he may have missed out on fame and fortune, because of one thing that he did not want.

In Texas, there were a several notable guitarist during the 1970's. Among the more notable, were Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Freeman played much of his musical career, "twenty feet from stardom", as they say. Freeman and Stevie Ray were the two guitarists for the popular Texas band, Paul Ray & the Cobras. Freeman went on to play in Lou Ann Barton's band and later became a member of Angela Strehli's band.

After moving to Austin, Texas, Freeman became recognized and well respected by his peers, including both Vaughan brothers. However, respect and recognition, from his peers and the likes of the Vaughn brothers, did not help Freeman with the traction needed to record on major labels. At the time, Austin musicians had the attention of major recording studios. This was impart due to Jimmie Vaughn's success with his band, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Stevie Ray's Double Trouble band.

So, what is it that keeps a man just short of the success and fame, enjoyed by similar artists, in a similar genera?

Well, according to Robert Santelli, in his Big Book of Blues, page 167, Denny Freeman made a choice. A choice which may have been the only reason he was overlooked by the record companies. Denny Freeman chose not to be a singer. This decision may have weighed in as a deciding factor by recording companies, when compared  to the success of the Vaughn brother's.

"You can have anything you want, except for one thing, you have to want it."

Applied Metaphysics means focused attention, an awareness of all things, and a disciplined course of action.

 I do not subscribe to a belief of walking up to just any table game and taking my chances. Playing 4 Keeps® incorporates applied metaphysics, and it is my life style. I push out to the universe with my intention, affirming what I want, and I expect to receive.

(Read It's No Surprise)

Copyright © 2022 – Michael Vernon

On Metaphysical Strength

The MORE powerful you are, the more ability you have to materialize your wants. One's metaphysical strength is like a bank balance. It represents the time lag between what you conceive for your life in your mind and when it actually appears. Wimpy people imagine forever and nothing ever shows up. For the less wimpy variety their thoughts show up in various forms but less than they had hoped for. In the strong ones, event show up more or less immediately. The sage can materialize the burning bush in the flick of a thought form; most others would have a difficulty materializing a box of matches over six months.   ~Stuart Wilde~  / The Secrets of Life

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