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I Hate Craps, Sweetie, But I LOVE The Profit!
Part III

(read part I here )

In part II we talked about how our wife, girlfriend, or spouse can occasionally deflate our plans due to mood-swings and perhaps a lack of understanding about what it is we are trying to accomplish with Precision-Shooting.   

Hopefully you realized early on, that perfecting this art was NOT easy, and that it required a lot of practice time.  Some wives aren’t willing to give their husbands a whole bunch of latitude to do that, while others are down-right supportive, cooperative and encouraging.

Once they are married, some women turn big, bitchy and mean.  It may have to do with disappointment.  It may have to do with settling for less than they have dreamed of and fantasized about since they wore braces and played with Barbie dolls.  On the other hand, WE may have something to do with it too.  Your wife may have changed after you got married, and I would suggest that you may have changed as well. 

I hate to burst you bubble, but maybe you should check for signs that you are not the sexiest man alive. Examples of that would be, if you take a stroll and the local zoo is flooded with reports of an escaped orangutan, or, as you walk toward a rack of Speedos, you hear the clerks murmuring, "Oh, God, no!"  If you are of the unfaithful variety, and hookers are always telling you, "Not on the first date," then you can be pretty sure that you are definitely NOT the sexiest man alive, so cut your lady some slack when it comes the expectations that you place on her.

Listen, it’s easy to sit and eat cheeseburgers, play the lottery and watch TV, but the lifestyle changing money that Precision-Shooting can generate, will let you do what you REALLY want to do.  The added revenue let’s you thrive, and not merely survive.

I don’t care if you are gay, straight or Australian.  If you have a spouse, then you need their support to make this whole effort really work in the long run.  Sometimes, after you have been with the same woman for a long period of time, they start thinking, “Is that all there is?”  There are a few times when you really don’t want someone who is that close to you to be having those thoughts.  Submitting a business report, filling out an income statement in hopes of getting a loan, or when you are stepping out of the shower, are a few of those times when you don’t want someone to think, “is that all there is?”.  But the worst time is if your wife starts thinking those thoughts about your relationship.  Even though you live together, sometimes a gap will separate the two of you.  There is a way for craps-playing to bring the two of you together again. It may not be a universal cure-all for failing marriages, but it sure can jump-start one that is merely stalled.

I guess we’re really talking about making your wife or girlfriend, your ally in this endeavor.  It is a lot easier if they are supportive of your goals.  The closer you can bring them to understand the game, and what it is you are trying to achieve, then the easier it will be for the both of you to get to the promised land of casino profit.

Hey, when you do get there, please remember the commitment that you made to her about not just being your wife, SHE’S ALSO YOUR PARTNER. 

So let’s take a look at how to put all of this into practical use.  

First, we have to determine if she is “casino-crazy”.   You can tell if she suffers from that ailment by a few tell-tale signs.  For example, when she meets your boss, and she puts a coin in his mouth and start yanking on his arm, or if she starts wearing green-felt underwear, well, that’s an indicator.  Or when they pass around the collection plate at church, and she asks, "What kind of odds am I getting?," or after sex, she says, "Okay, double or nothing," then she’s probably “casino-crazy”.  If that’s the case then a strong argument can be made for leaving her at home.  Otherwise, we can move to the next step.

Secondly, we have to determine if she is “casino-savvy”.  By that, I mean that she is not averse to going to a casino with you.  Now she doesn’t have to know all the rules of every game including craps.   Part of your “job” is to teach her about the game.  This introduction also gives you an opportunity to look at the game from a fresh perspective.  You may be surprised at the little things that you notice about the game when you are hanging back and explaining it to her.  You’ll also be surprised at the intuitive perspective that females can bring to a male-dominated game like craps.  Most women can pick up small details and certain nuances of the game that we would normally gloss over or perhaps not even notice at all.

Thirdly, if she is genuinely interested in helping you out with this Precision-Shooting pursuit, then there is a way for her to be of great assistance in the casino, especially when it’s your turn with the dice.  I say that because, when you are perfecting your throw, you want as few distractions as possible.  That doesn’t mean that she can’t be nearby; it simply means that you have to set up some guidelines so that she provides maximum assistance, and minimal distraction.

Fourthly, you can teach her how to keep track of your rolls, and also chart other players.   This comes in handy when you are open-minded enough to alter your methods when the trends and conditions change at the table.  If you don’t have your own Playbook, you may want to refer to The Mad Professor's Playbook.

Fifthly, her observations will actually make YOU more observant.  Once you teach her what to look out for, and what impact they have on the game, her value as a partner will rise.  It’s important for you not to “discount” too many things in the observation department.  If you try to narrow her focus, she may be as myopic as you are.  She is there to provide another set of eyes, but if you’ve trained her to see only the same things that you see, then her value is limited.  Put your ego aside.  She may notice money-saving or money-making trends before you do.  She is your navigator.  The game is swift-moving and dynamic.  In your efforts to place bets and watch the dice, certain subtleties may be overlooked.   Leave it to a woman to notice those things.   Use that to your advantage, and not to your detriment.  Her observations won’t be perfect.  But just try to remember the last time that all of your observations were perfect.  Keep it all in perspective.

Finally, remember that she is your partner.  It is perfectly acceptable for you to discuss what the two of you would do with any MODEST craps winnings.  You are just starting out.  It is unlikely that you will make any huge, windfall profits.  If you do, then all the better for the both of you.  Rather, set your “what if” spending scenarios as low as possible.   In fact, you don’t have to earmark it for spending at all.  You could use it to initially boost the size of your gaming wallet.  That doesn’t mean that you should step-up the level of your bets for the foreseeable future.  It just means that there is more of a comfort margin in that bankroll that you can use for the inevitable dry shootings spells. 

It is this joint-cooperation which makes the whole effort really work in the long run, and the easier it will be for the both of you to get to the promised land of casino profit.

Good Luck & Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

By:  The Mad Professor

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