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Trip Reports

Las Vegas Vacation 6/2001

Reflections on The River - Rubacava 7/2001

I Have Been To The Mountain - Rubacava 9/2001

Bossier City Hit & Run - Heavy 9/2001

Billy's Vegas Trip 10/2001

Something New in Shreveport  10 -11/2001

Dice Doctor In Chicago 11/2001

MMan in Vegas 11/2001

New Setter's First Outing - 11/2001

Rhythm Dice Setter's Report - 12/2001

Dylanfreak's Last Morn In Biloxi - 12/2001

And Sometimes You Need A Little Luck Too... 12/2001

Chicago - New Years 90 Minutes --&-- Gone! - PorkChop 01/2002

Engineer's Trip Report 01/2002

The Groove (I and II) - Mickey D 01/2002

Linaway's Road Trip 01/2002

Did I Hear You Right? - Just Mike F 01/2002

There Is A Difference - Just Mike F 01/2002

The Dog Does Vegas  04/2002

The Big Easy Part I- Paul 04/2002

The Big Easy Part II- Paul 04/2002

The Big Easy Part III- Paul 04/2002

Reno Hit & Run (chopped & pecked into casino dust) 05/2002

Shotputter's 4th of July Vacation 07/2002

But Can You Practice What You Preach? 07/2002

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